Bamboo industry promoting environmental economy and society has great potential

Bamboo has a developed root system and is an ideal plant for maintaining soil moisture and preventing land degradation. As carbon, bamboo forests have a stronger ability to absorb carbon dioxide than ordinary trees and play a unique role in slowing climate warming. At a time when the global forest area is rapidly disappearing at a rate of nearly 10 million hectares per year, using bamboo for wood can reduce global forest consumption and meet the concept of environmental economy development.

Bamboo is the most valuable non-wood forest product in international trade. As an important economic resource, bamboo is also of great significance for consumption poverty and promoting regional economic development. About 35 million farmers in China are directly engaged in bamboo cultivation, processing and other production and management of bamboo products. Bamboo industry has great potential in promoting environmental, economic and social coordination and sustainable development.

Bamboo is rich in resources and is an ideal material for saving and replacing wood. Bamboo has excellent mechanical properties. The tensile strength of bamboo is 203 MPa, which is 2.48 times that of fir. The compressive strength is 79MPa, which is twice that of fir; The shear strength is 161 MPa, which is 2.2 times that of fir; In addition, the growth period of bamboo wood is short, hardness, and water resistance are better than that of fir.

Here, the pan-bamboo household products used at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo led the wave of bamboo furniture. The bamboo beams and radians of the Indian Pavilion, the full bamboo heavy floor of the French Pavilion, and bamboo curtains, bamboo doors, bamboo seats, and bamboo furniture that can be seen everywhere in various venues are beautiful, comfortable and low-carbon. After visiting the exhibition halls, visitors exclaimed that the Expo was a bamboo festival and opened a new era of bamboo homes. At present, China's bamboo generation wood, with the technology of bamboo Shengmu in the building materials industry and furniture and other fields of application in the world.