Practical application of bamboo in flower arrangement

Bamboo is full of vitality, the stems are straight and beautiful, the branches and leaves are elegant and varied, and they have a unique charm. Our people have the custom of loving bamboo and appreciating bamboo. With the great improvement in people's living standards, while the material life is abundant, the spiritual requirements have been raised accordingly, and while special attention has been paid to the green ecology in improving people's living environment, bamboo has taken a new form -- flower arrangement. Into the lives of the people.

1.Bamboo flower arrangement application initiation

Bamboo is closely related to people's economic life. As early as the Han Dynasty, bamboo products related to cultural life were very colorful, involving bamboo slips, musical instruments, dance Terracotta music, and sports. With the prosperity of society, the art of flower arrangement began to sprout. During the Han and Wei dynasties, the art of flower arrangement in China had already taken the form of bottle insertion and pot raising, and different kinds of flower arrangement such as court, literati, folk, Buddha and Tao had been formed and popularized. In the flower arrangement, a variety of flower materials have been used, such as Lotus, Plum, blue, bamboo, pine, etc., one by one to highlight the name of the name, bamboo in the form of flowers and flowers in the flower arrangement.

2.Bamboo flower Ware and its application

In the flower arrangement container, bamboo flowers are often used. For example, commonly used flowers include bamboo tubes, bamboo baskets, etc.. Alien flowers have fragrant tubes, bamboo ladies, etc.. These flowers are often used in flower arrangement, not only with simple and unpretentious local flavor, but also Easy to process, concise shape. Common bamboo flower Ware works mainly include: bamboo tube and bamboo tube flowers; Bamboo baskets and basket flowers; Alien flowers and so on.

3.Application of bamboo in flower arrangement

The processing of bamboo as a flower arrangement material in application is created by drawing, called bamboo leaf organic law. In painting bamboo leaves in Chinese paintings, "one", "one", "one", and "bundle" are often used to organize the shape of the leaves. A leaf, such as a word; Two leaves, such as herringbone; Three leaves; Like a word; Four leaves; Such as medium; More than four pieces, add leaves to the clump on the basis of the medium word. The flower arrangement cuts bamboo leaves, and it is also tailored according to this, which is more meaningful. The arrangement and disposal is also like that of painted bamboo: "Only three or two strokes are required, and the breeze is natural enough."

Bamboo stem straight, green onion leaves, the most Oriental charm, can be lined with all flowers. In the traditional flower arrangement, the biological characteristics and symbolic significance of bamboo are incorporated into the flower arrangement work to form a traditional flower arrangement work with considerable connotation and poetry. For example, when pine, bamboo, and plum are inserted together, they are hailed as "three friends in the cold"; With bamboo and chrysanthemum, it is called "bamboo chrysanthemum cream"; Mei, Lan, Zhu and Ju are juxtaposed, collectively referred to as "four gentlemen" and so on.

In modern flower arrangement works, the application of bamboo is more ingenious, bamboo branches, leaves, poles, old roots, bamboo shoots are all available. Or take a whole bamboo, lined with other flowers for large flowers; Or take the old pocket and make the "mountain peak" in the bonsai flower; Or cloth in a large flower art, it is very suitable. In addition, bamboo curtains are used as linings to make flower arrangement works better. In short, bamboo can be used in many forms in modern flower arrangement.

All bamboos can be used for flower arrangement, and various ornamental bamboo species are more ideal, such as purple bamboo, gold silk bamboo, yellow skin bamboo, spotted bamboo, Jinxiangyuzhu, Jasper gold bamboo, yellow skin bamboo, Luohan bamboo, Guizhu, yellow trough bamboo, Buddha bamboo and so on. The rich color and strange form of bamboo, combined with the profound cultural connotation, has a broad application prospects in flower arrangement.