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Bamboo Poles For Landscaping Needs

Our exclusive range of naturally air-dried bamboo poles canes stems from meticulous collection and processing of bamboo materials. Each pole showcases unique natural textures, infusing any space with organic beauty that enhances overall aesthetics and fosters a harmonious connection with nature.


Bamboo poles and canes offer versatile applications across landscaping, gardening, interior design, and artistic endeavors, showcasing their boundless creative potential.


Each pole is carefully selected for its straightness and uniformity, making them easy to work with and suitable for a variety of projects.


Prioritizing sustainability, quality, and versatility, our bamboo pole products are the perfect choice for infusing your projects with a charming natural ambiance.


Ideal Applications:


  • Landscaping: By skillfully combining bamboo poles and canes , you can effortlessly create garden borders, trellises, and privacy screens, adding elegance and functionality to your outdoor space.


  • Gardening: Provide sturdy support for climbing plants, vegetables, and flowers with bamboo poles, promoting healthy growth and optimizing space in your garden.


  • Craftsmanship and Design: Incorporate bamboo poles and stakes into DIY projects, furniture making, and artistic creations to infuse your designs with a unique sustainable style and showcase artistic charm.

Anhui Union Bamboo product advantages

Our Bamboo products offers several advantages over other materials

  • FSC

  • CO2 neutral

  • hard & durable

  • high stability

  • BIO echo friendly

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