Eco-Friendly Bamboo Home Decoration

The modern green and low-carbon lifestyle advocated by the sustainable living concept has led to a wider application of eco-Friendly bamboo home decoration. Whether in homes, offices, restaurants, or commercial spaces, bamboo decoration is present.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable


  • Densely structured fibers


  • Natural colors, innate aesthetic appeal


  • Lighter and easier for transportation and mobility


  • Natural antibacterial and anti-corrosive properties


Bamboo home decoration is suitable for various decorative environments, including traditional Asian styles, modern minimalist styles, and Nordic styles, adding a natural, fresh atmosphere as well as pursuing quality and aesthetics.


We provide multiple quality inspections for customers, ensuring that each product meets high standards. Through meticulous processing and treatment, Bamboo home decoration is more durable and long-lasting, less prone to damage.


Anhui Union Bamboo product advantages

Our Bamboo products offers several advantages over other materials

  • FSC

  • CO2 neutral

  • hard & durable

  • high stability

  • BIO echo friendly

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