Vintage Garden Besom Broom Stick Bamboo Handle

Chinese traditional bamboo brooms have been an integral part of Chinese culture for millennia, tracing their origins to ancient times.

A timeless symbol of craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Each bamboo broom is handcrafted by artisans using ancient techniques. our traditional Chinese bamboo broom making process includes steps such as bamboo selection, peeling, cutting and trimming, bunching, binding and fixing, shaping and trimming, fixing the broom pole and overall inspection, ultimately forming a durable and beautiful broom product.

Key Features:

  • Natural Bamboo Construction
  • Durable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable
  • Long handle bamboo broom
  • Chinese traditional crafts

Bamboo brooms can sweep a variety of surfaces, including floors, patios, and other outdoor spaces, helping to keep spaces clean and tidy. Beyond their practical utility, bamboo brooms have the symbolic meaning of sweeping away bad luck and bringing positive energy in Chinese culture.

Anhui Union Bamboo product advantages

Our Bamboo products offers several advantages over other materials

  • FSC

  • CO2 neutral

  • hard & durable

  • high stability

  • BIO echo friendly

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